Effective Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

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Tamaris Purvines
Assignment Three
LDR 404
Assignment Three
Part One There are several different processes, ideas, and efforts that go into the overall practices of effective negotiation and conflict resolution. Yet no productive negotiation could be possible without the valuable use of skills. Two types of skills can help a successful negotiator. The first type is hard skills, which are guidelines, strategic measures, or anything that can be copied down onto paper and taught. The second type is soft skills, which are the skills acquired through practicing negotiation that can’t necessarily be taught. To get a better idea of the definition and examples of each type of skill, it is better to discuss them each
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Throughout the process problems arise that are situation specific. Knowing when one party is bluffing or trying to trick the other party are skills that come with learning through experience. The delivery of statements and ideas are definitely situation specific. Discussing an issue with a church group may not be the same type of discussion that may be necessary with a theater group. Individuals respond differently to how phrases are stated. Only through working with similar groups does a negotiator learn how best to phrase their ideas to parties in any given situation. Learning how to best reframe a harsh or inappropriate statement into the truth of the statement is also a soft skill that is highly beneficial to negotiators. The only way to learn how to accomplish this difficult skill is by practicing it. It takes years of practicing and using this skill in negotiation processes to truly learn how to effectively hone it.
Being able to determine the best possible solution to the problem for both parties involved in a negotiation is also something that cannot be learned. Each negotiation is going to be different and have different circumstances. Even after years of working with groups in negotiation or mediation situations, it is still difficult to help both sides create a mutually beneficial solution to their problem. This is something that almost comes as a talent to negotiators. It takes a certain gift
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