Effective Nurse-Patient Communication During Uncertainty in Illness

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Effective Nurse-Patient Communication during Uncertainty in Illness Effective Nurse-Patient Communication during Uncertainty in Illness The Healthy People 2020 initiative includes goals to increase the number of patients who report that their healthcare providers listened to them carefully to 65% and increase the number of patients who report that their healthcare provider explained things so they could understand them to 66% (United States Department of Health and Human Services, 2010). The nursing profession plays an important role in making progress toward these goals through advocacy for effective communication. Being able to effectively communicate with patients is an essential skill for healthcare providers, especially…show more content…
Provider-nurse communication affects patient outcomes, such as improved health and well-being, and has been associated with improved coping strategies and a decline in distress. However, only half of patient expressed concerns are acknowledged by nurses and often, nurses will distance themselves to avoid responding to cues patients have provided (Sheldon & Ellington, 2008). A study conducted by Wilkinson (1991) focused on nurse communication with cancer patients. Wilkinson (1991) discovered that nurses who were less confident in having open communication with patients were less likely to display behaviors that assisted patients in expressing their concerns. Nurses need to possess specific communication skills when patients attempt to express their emotions and concerns regarding uncertainty of their illness. However, most research on nurse-patient communication has failed to applying existing communication theories and has been exploratory in nature (Sheldon & Ellington, 2008). Due to the lack of experimental research and theoretical basis in the area of nurse-patient communication a call for improvement in this area has been made (Sheldon & Ellington, 2008). Crick and Dodge’s (1994) social information processing model (SIPM) contributes constructs, closely associated with Orlando’s theory of deliberative nursing
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