Effective Nursing Interventions in Healthcare

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Effective Nursing Interventions in HealthCare Name Institutional Affiliation: Effective Nursing Interventions in HealthCare SafeTalk Program in Tackling HIV/AIDS SafeTalk is one of the most successful nursing programs adopted healthcare practice. It is a multi-component, motivational, interview-based, and safer sex- guidance curriculum for individuals with HIV/AIDS. This technique has demonstrated that it is an outstanding tool in qualitative evaluation of patients suffering from HIV/AIDS and participating in sexual activities. This intervention method is targeted towards HIV/AIDS' patients from all spheres of life as long as they have their rightful intervention and control over their sexual activities. In most cases, the method target sexually energetic patients in a clinic or under study. Moreover, the method offers succinct counseling measures to all members of a given society (Walley & Wright, 2009). The global outbreak of HIV/AIDS turned out to be deadly that the dreaded bubonic plague. Many people have succumbed to this disease while others have been left dying before they attain their fruitful years of living. In this case, several measures have been instituted to ensure the mild or limited spread of the disease (if any) to the uninfected members of the society. Moreover, other programs like SafeTalk are being established to cater for the infected patients. The commonest aspect in these strategies is the fact that the disease is spread mostly through sexual
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