Effective Observation Of Patient Care

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Effective observation of patient is the first crucial phase to identify deteriorating patients and apply effective measure to care for them (Mandy, Christina & David, 2009). Nurse’s role is taking care of patients, supporting, and helping them recovery them from disease or any medical condition they came with and improving their quality of lives and get, them back to community to function as normal. However, not always things go efficiently as planned. Nurses work with other multi-disciplinary team to accomplish the goal. A nurse encounter load of temperamental cases therefore Nurse has immense responsibility for recognizing and rescuing the deteriorating patients. It’s a challenging work, which comes with plenty of clinical experiences and great deal of knowledge. This can be very overwhelming and intense at time. Not all the nurses are experienced and know how to handle it. Decision-making is very crucial to the time. Partial experience and basic-level knowledge can make it difficult to care for deteriorating patients. Reporting the doctor about any concerns regarding any changes of the patients can resolve the patients. The lack of communication between disciplinary teams and the nurses can be a cause for untimely action taken for deteriorating patients. The verbal information given to the doctor can be irrelevant sometimes. Hence, it’s very crucial in a health setting to recognize the deteriorating patients. In this paper I will be transcribing how can a nurse recognizes
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