Effective Onboarding Essay

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Executive Summary In the past when an employee was hired, onboarding consisted of filling out paperwork for Human Resources and selecting insurance options. In today’s dynamic workplace environment, effective onboarding is important to get employees up to speed and productive at a much faster pace while ensuring the new hire is happy and satisfied in their new position. Tools such as onboarding checklists and on-line forms are the norm. Effective on-boarding is a process that is beneficial to the employer and the employee. Effective onboarding begins even before an employee is hired. A complete job description with requirements for each position is a necessity. Once an employee is hired, the onboarding
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“Employees will decide within 10 days if they intend to stay with the organization or begin looking for a different job” according to the North Carolina Office of State Personnel (UNC Charlotte).
From the employer’s aspect, the more comfortable and confident the employee is, the more effective they are going to be in their new position, and sooner. From the employee’s stand point, the faster they understand what is expected of them, the quicker they will become effective and the more comfortable and confident they will feel. Employees need to understand not only the specifics for their position, but the overall mission of the firm. Onboarding should help maximize success and be a positive experience for all involved.
The Onboarding Process Onboarding should begin during recruitment. Employers should have an accurate job description. Job expectations and rewards should be accurate. During the screening and interview process, questions should be answered honestly. If the answer to an applicant’s question is not known, the applicant should be contacted soon after with an answer.
Once an employee has been hired, Human Resources should have a plan to begin the onboarding process even before the employee starts. This may include, but not limited to, verifying educational and professional references, having the new hire fill out employment paperwork, explain the entire benefits package, and working with the department manager to develop a
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