Effective Operation Towards Human Resource Management

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In this assignment I will explain the effective operation towards human resource management. In terms of recruitment and selection process. Within these topics there will be a critical discussion towards how an organisation contributes, as well as the effect they have on the business.

Human resource managers are known for providing information of framework for employment decision, as well as the management actions by means of employment policies rather than trying to structure the employment system to implement/concentrate strategies. (Hendry. C, 1995:5). There are two ways in which to define HRM. One being that it is the body of management with 15 different activities which are; recruitment, selection, economic downturn, change,
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The next step would be for HR to draw up a job description which will contain everything that the new employees will have to do as part of their job. The job description should include what the job actually is, the cities of the job, possibly a salary rate and hours in which employees will work. However most people and businesses would agree that a job description is ideal when employing new staff, there are some people who would disagree, for example Robert Townsend defined job descriptions as a ‘straightjacket’ and ‘morale-sappers’ (Townsend, R. 1985, pp.115-116). Townsend means that with a ‘job description’, it limits people’s abilities and does not allow them to show how they could work well for the business and also learn the criteria required.
Many organisations use job description when recruiting for jobs, for example, Sainsbury’s (Sainsbury’s Job). You would normally locate this when applying for the job in hand as it shows what the job actually is. The next step is the person specification; this is an extension of the job description. This allows the employers to see what qualities and abilities that the candidate has. Employers also must ensure that every candidate has a fair chance regardless of their gender, sexuality, and ethnicity and even if they may have a disability. This has now been put into effect by the government through equal opportunity legislation/Equality act such as the
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