Effective Operation Towards Human Resource Management

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In this assignment I will explain the effective operation towards human resource management. In terms of recruitment and selection process. Within these topics there will be a critical discussion towards how an organisation contributes, as well as the effect they have on the business.

Human resource managers are known for providing information of framework for employment decision, as well as the management actions by means of employment policies rather than trying to structure the employment system to implement/concentrate strategies. (Hendry. C, 1995:5). There are two ways in which to define HRM. One being that it is the body of management with 15 different activities which are; recruitment, selection, economic downturn, change, managing communication, learning styles, learning styles, rewards, managing teams, time management, performance management, management and leadership styles, employee voice, training and development, managing conflict and managing employment relations. On the other hand it can be defined as the management of people.
Recruitment and selection both play a huge role in a business, let alone the HRM. They are both connected to each other and often are considered together, when recruiting an employee, HRM need to select the most suitable candidates for business.
Within any organisation they have a number steps within the recruitment process. ‘The first step in the recruitment process is to assess the need for additional human resources and decide…
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