Effective Organizational Support For Professional Advancement

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Developing a transparent organizational commitment to succession planning creates an opportunistic culture encouraging professional development and increasing opportunities for high-potential employees (Bolton & Roy, 2004; Rothwell, 2010; Swan & Moye, 2009). Transparent organizational support for professional advancement has the potential to boost morale and improve nursing retention (Coonan, 2005). Succession planning efforts at the nurse manager level provide staff nurses an opportunity to explore formal leadership roles, which in turn may help direct their career path (Brunero et. al., 2009). Succession planning, therefore, becomes a recruitment and retention tool for nurses who have goals of advancing their careers in leadership and management (McConnell, 2006). Organizations that are seen as committed to developing a leadership pipeline within their management infrastructure can become the organizations of choice for motivated healthcare professionals (Abrams & Bevilacqua, 2006).
Nurse manager’s often feel frustrated and inadequately prepared for the complex role (Stichler, 2008; Wolf et al., 2006). A Nurse manager succession (mentoring) plan provides nurses opportunities to step into management better prepared, which in turn decreases role transition stress. Succession planning for nurse managers helps maintain the mission and vision of the organization, which in turn cultivates a healthy work environment. An improved work climate, provided through competent and
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