Effective Outcomes in the Non-profit Sector

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Introduction An organization is a social system created to achieve certain established objectives. It has an official form or structure that facilitates effective and efficient internal coordination and be capable to react to the outside environment. The systems of an organization include the various interrelating components that obtain inputs from the environment, process and produce outputs to be utilized in the external environment. Therefore, organizational fundamentals need to interact well for the success of the company. Moreover, organizations are designed in such a way that they have different motives. For, example there are those organizations that are created to offer free services to the society, the non-profit making organization, while the other category falls on profit-making. Purpose of the Study This study will address two non-profit organizations by analyzing structures and basics to determine their effectiveness. This research looks into the different principles and factors each organization uses to determine their successes. Also, it will provide examples of techniques that a non-profit organization has been implementing and uses to reach and maintain effective outcomes. Since the 1990’s, non-profit organizations have come under continuous pressure to be proficient and have effective outcomes. For this reason, non-profit executive directors need to employ stronger leadership practices to manage employees and to increase funds (Barbeito & Bowman, 1998).
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