Effective Pedagogic Principles For Teaching

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Introduction ( 250)
This essay will be analysing the most effective pedagogic principles for teaching in the early years or reception class. It aims to make available an improved understanding of the variety of pedagogical principles within early years ' classroom and the strategies that can influence the choice and application of different pedagogies. It is world widely known that ‘’ early years’’ of a child starts from the moment they are born to the age of 5.

What role do teachers play in delivery effective pedagogy
The effort teachers contribute in a child’s early development are often misapprehended as being simply hands on, without anticipating that it involves appropriate communication techniques, the use of numerous structured strategies and adhering to set of guidelines set by governed bodies such as department of education.
These interactions will be effected by practices implicit in the social context in which the learning is taking place (Wood, 1986)
First of all, what is ‘’ Pedagogy? The term pedagogy can simply be described as the art of teaching.
There are other numerous definitions of pedagogy, with the briefest description being ‘’the science of teaching’’ according to oxford English dictionary
Pedagogy is about ‘’learning, teaching and development influenced by the cultural, social and political values we set in place for children…in Scotland, and underpinned by a strong theoretical and practical base. (Education Scotland, 2005, p.9)
Early years’
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