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In order to have an effective physical security program you need to know what you are protecting and why you are protecting it. Physical Security encompasses the protection of people, places, things, and data. Protecting each of these elements requires different pieces of equipment or different avenues but the philosophy of the protection is the same. In this I mean that you are protecting from unauthorized access to the places, people, things, and data. As stated by Fennelly, “no business is without security problems and assets protection risks. “ I have read this and still don’t understand what he is getting at so I came up with my interpretation of his statement; no business is without security problems and the need for asset …show more content…
In this security in-depth you will have your first line of defense which is the grounds around your building (Fennelly, 2004).
Starting in the parking lot you want to have it set up so that you can have clear surveillance of the parking while still providing adequate parking for your visitors and employees. The use of barriers will assist in these measures by directing vehicle traffic away from the front of the building so pedestrian traffic is safe. Be careful here though so you don’t want to put the parking so far away that you put the visitors and employees in danger by requiring them to be out of sight of the building while walking to their vehicles. The barriers that are used will provide a channeling effect for pedestrians to specific entrances.
These barriers that are protecting the outside of the facility are either man-made or natural and depending on how they are used will determine other security measures that may be needed. Man-made barriers that can be used are fences, vehicle barriers, and doors. Barriers that can be utilized to channel pedestrian traffic into certain entrances are vehicle barriers or large planters that will automatically direct the pedestrian traffic to specific doors that will be used for entry points. These entry points bring us to the second line of defense which is the physical barriers, surveillance, and intrusion detection

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