Effective Practice And Social Justice

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Effective Practice Social justice is conglomerate of individuals, who are motivated to question and advocate against the biases that society afflict on a diverse population. Generally, Individuals who promote social justice seek positive solutions for the designate population they served observe against life in a humanitarian type perspective. Through a holistic perspective, the typical social worker collaborates with colleagues. Social work task forces devise different methods to effectively uphold the social justices for individual populations, who always embrace diversity and the human rights of all populations. The average social worker understands the importance of preserving…show more content…
In reviewing the University of New England social work mission statement, it reflects the National Association of Social Work (NASW) Code of Ethics and conveys an amalgamation of principles that every social workers must apply to proficiently practice in the profession. There are a myriad of ways that the environment can influences behaviors and some children are subjected to childhood maltreatment. These youths may develop into adults with serious emotional problems or face various addictions. In an abusive environment, it may subject the abuse survivors struggle with many negative effects that include substance abuse, mental disorders, learning disabilities, impulsivity, promiscuity, anti-social behaviors, and various other complications. It is my opinion that childhood maltreatment is a serious social problem that effects the entire family unit. Throughout the early childhood years, the environmental behavior are considerable factor in the life of a developing child. The environment can adversely affect an individual in a positive or negative that creates irreparable damage. Childhood maltreatment can be a generational and can cause an adverse effect on the entire family unit. The rapid growth of global childhood cases is appalling and creating an awareness along with effective treatment is essential to prevent an overwhelming
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