Effective Privacy And Security Safety

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Healthcare Privacy Officer Computers have become the database and communication in healthcare, and enable healthcare to make technology advances. Healthcare has come a long way with computers changing nursing and healthcare to become more business-like. Since there is a lot of stored confidential, and protected health information, security issues can arise. Health information should only be accessed by direct caregivers. Employees behavior online in the workplace impacts performance and can have legal consequences for companies. Patients rely on healthcare workers to be confidential, and use ethical decisions when accessing patient files. When patients feel their information is at risk it may lead to patients withholding their health…show more content…
It would be a two data base system, one which would be open access to allow nurses to look up who is a patient in the system, and a private access that would only allow nurses that are giving direct care to access those patients. This way if a visitor wanted to find a patient, any nurse could help, but wouldn’t be able to access the patient’s health information. Computer and internet access is a privilege and may be revoked at any time for inappropriate conduct When you use employee monitoring in the workplace, it is important to alert employees to what kind of monitoring is being done and how it is carried out (George N. Root III, 2015). Employees should have to sign documents indicating their acceptance of the policies. When employees know which behavior is not acceptable, and are aware of what aspects of Internet use the company monitors, they generally try to comply with the policies in place (George N. Root III, 2015). Strong compliance programs are built on privacy, security and compliance functions. These functions and related activities are necessary so that the patient, who is at the center of the information exchange transaction, can have trust and confidence that their individually identifiable health information is safe within the electronic health record system and when shared with other health care providers. Most nurses understand the basics of HIPPA. But, with the abundance of social
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