Effective Promotion Of Cape Software Essay

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This letter describes a cooperative arrangement between «CoName» and Electrocon International to represent CAPE within the assigned territory as defined in this letter of understanding. We propose to work together to ensure:
• Effective promotion of CAPE software
• Smooth transfer of existing clients, prospects, and their active projects and any pending offers
• Successful ongoing communication with and development of future CAPE prospects
• Development of an additional services revenue stream for «CoNickname»
• Compatible with your existing consulting or sales business
By entering this arrangement with «CoNickname», Electrocon hopes to secure and extend our position in the market within the assigned territory.
This Letter of Understanding between Electrocon and describes the cooperative relationship between «CoNickname» (“«CoNickname»”) and Electrocon International, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA (“Electrocon”). This arrangement establishes «CoNickname» as the representative of Electrocon for licensing Electrocon 's Computer-Aided Protection Engineering (CAPE) software and for selling CAPE maintenance contracts, within the countries listed under “Countries in «CoNickname»’s Territory.”
«CoNickname» will expend its best efforts to develop the market for CAPE software and to license CAPE within its territory on Electrocon’s and «CoNickname»’s mutual behalf. «CoNickname» will not represent products that compete directly with CAPE software. These competitive products
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