Effective Recruitment And Selection Process

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Workers in healthcare systems are putting their patients well-being before their own, on a daily basis, yet not much is being done for the workers. An effective recruitment and selection process is the key to keeping employee retention rates high. In an environment where lives are at the stake of others, healthcare staffing can’t be unstable. It’s almost as if there is a revolving door, employees are constantly leaving yet, the number of patients needs are increasing dramatically. So now, hospitals need to focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of their hiring processes. In order for the healthcare organization to attract and retain employees, it needs to measure the effectiveness of the recruitment and selection process. There are…show more content…
If an organization can show that they have hired qualified candidates from diverse and cultural backgrounds then there is a higher potential for a positive work environment. Recruitment costs are becoming pricey, considering the demand and specialty issues needed in the selection tools used. On average it costs about $276 to recruit an healthcare administrator, and about $36,743 to recruit physicians; other training costs could be as less as $3,700 for other individuals. Not only are there costs associated with the actual recruitment of healthcare professional, there are other costs that need to be considered. If there are proper recruitment methods in place, more likely than less, the ideal candidate will follow. the more time spent on these procedures, will increase the chances on potentially hiring a ideal healthcare professional. Although, if the recruitment process is lengthy, it could result in higher costs and dissatisfaction of current nurses and physicians, because there is a probability that they will become overworked by potentially working to fill two jobs. It takes about nine months to a year to recruit a physician and up to six visits with the recruiting department to make a potential offer. It is critical to asses the effectiveness of a recruiters efforts in hiring. The evaluation process of the recruiter truly depends on the comprehensives and reliableness of data, quality, disposition of the applicants, along with, the recruitment costs and
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