Effective Rich Content For The Premier Campaign

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Further to the very helpful conversation last week, we have updated our approach toward providing rich content for the Premier campaign. In doing so, we have kept the following factors in mind:  The objective of exploring new territory around the emotional and implicit benefits of choosing a Premier practice, in order to complement insight into rational benefits.  Though your existing research covers much ground in a detailed and comprehensive way, using this survey to provide sharp perspectives to capture the attention of Premier and potential Premier members, and powerful collateral for the website.  Keeping in mind what we heard from optometrists and their colleagues about their needs and priorities, and what they want to know about customer expectations. 1. Potential areas to explore The existing data provides useful figures on the overall member experience, and awareness of higher-end medical services and overall views of Premier. . The wider segmentation data Kelly has shared has been very helpful, and we look forward to getting under the skin of the data. In building on this, we would look to explore the following:  Exploring the implicit benefits of going to a Premier practice –what are the emotional benefits? (I feel cared for, I am treated as important, not pressured, feels more medical than sales). This level of insight will help Premier members shape their own propositions.  Within the theme of member experience, we should look to understand how

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