Effective Skilled And Qualified Professionals

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participants say they require include: employing the services of highly skilled and qualified professionals (coach, instructors, and etcetera), a physio therapist, equipment rentals, other specialized services, medical person, and manager. Other services that participants say impede their participation are membership dues/fees, club registration fees, and high transportation cost (high cost of fuel and bus pass/tickets). All these services require upfront payments before participants are allowed to play. Facilities participants identified to influence their participation in sports are: equipment, apparels, and gear. Inability to afford these facilities means the person will not be able to play. For example in ice hockey, if a participant does not have the helmet, or hockey sticks and the like, they will not be able and allowed to play.
Other Expenses
Findings show that mothers participating in sports complained in most cases they have to pay for themselves and some members of the family. This is a major challenge for them. Mums in situations like this said, what they normally do is to save up towards payment of registration fees. This creates the problem of irregular participation for them since they have to wait and not play until a period they are able to raise money for the payments.
Findings in the study show that participants who have the habit of impulse spending, tend to unavoidably find themselves spending more than their budget can support. They end up with…
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