Effective Strategic Planning Framework

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We Do Your Proposal Balanced Scorecard Introduction The foundation of effective strategic planning framework is the inclusion of goals and objectives that capture shareholder value, customer value, process and internal operations, and learning & growth objectives for employees. All of these factors must be orchestrated around a compelling vision and mission for the business. An effective balanced scorecard can transform a diverse enterprise into a single, unified organization that strives to attain the most challenging goals and objectives together (Abernathy, 1997). For companies including We Do Your Proposal, the potential exists for delivering transformational value to customers through the use of a balanced scorecard strategy planning and management process. Balanced scorecards have been shown to continually improve the clarity of vision and probability of long-term success for even the most compel of enterprises that adopt them (Jennings, 2010). We Do Your Proposal Balanced Scorecard Analysis Based on the completed SWOTT analysis, each of the four areas of Shareholder Value or Financial Perspective, Customer Value Perspective, Process or Internal Operations Perspective and Learning & Growth (Employee) perspective are provided below. For the business model and value chain of We Do Your Proposal to meet and exceed customer expectations while increasing the overall market potential for the business, each of the objectives must have an element of customer focus
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