Effective Strategies to Help Reduce Crime Essay

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The question “how do we reduce crime” has been asked for many years. Numerous amount of research has been done on this topic to see if there are other ways to reduce crime. Reducing crime has been a heated debate for many years and continues to be an important topic to study. People often wonder if the policies that are currently in place even work to reduce crime. Statistics have shown for years now that the current techniques being used by police are not as effective as the some people might think there are. According to Weisburd and Eck (2004) our strategy for reducing crime has been based on the standard model for policing. According to this model, it can be applied to all people and situations as a way to reduce crime (Weisburd …show more content…
More police departments are acknowledging the fact that hot spot policing is an effective approach to reduce crime (Braga, 2005). According to Braga (2005) this review was based on studies that used randomized controlled trials to analyze their data. They used the hot spot areas. Braga (2005) also stated that out of five studies, four of them reported that they saw a decrease in crime. Another experiment yielded similar results. They examined the effects of problem-orientated policing, police raids, crackdowns and patrol programs (Braga, 2005). The results indicated that problem-orientated policing significantly reduced crime. According to Sherman and Weisburd (1995) they performed the Minneapolis Hot Spots Patrol experiment and the results showed that when increasing law enforcement in high crime hot spot areas there was a significant decrease in people calling to report a crime or needing help. Based on the statistical results, the mean effect size was medium (0.345) and it was considered to be significant (Braga, 2005). For these studies the theoretical viewpoint was based on rational choice, routine activities and the environmental theories (Braga, 2005). Sherman, Gottfredson, MacKenzie, Eck, Reuter and Bushway (1995) got their information from reviewing other studies that were in scientific journals and other current research that