Effective Supervisors and Managers

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Effective supervisors are necessary in all settings where employees need guidance and supervision to complete tasks, serve clients, and meet deadlines. Good supervisors are searched for from multiple environments, including corporations, private and public organizations, and educational institutions. A skilled supervisor is an effective communicator, problem solver, and employee motivator. A supervisor must be capable of drawing out the potential within an employee and enhance their strengths and develop their needs. To effectively conduct this action a supervisor must be effective in organizational hierarchy, prioritization, and must understand the difference between management and leadership. Managers and supervisors come in all shapes and sizes. Some managers inspire, some motivate, and others fail all around to engage their employees. Supervisors and managers are in place to properly engage their employees to make them their best. Because of this important position supervisors and managers must understand how to effectively lead their employees utilizing all available resources, people in this position are not simply put there to supervise but to lead. Following I will discuss three aspects of management including organizational hierarchy, prioritization, and management vs leadership. Organizational hierarchy is essentially the epitome of chain of command. This style of structure is a pyramid style structure where everyone, except one, is a
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