Effective Teaching And Learning Environment

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Explanatory statement: The ultimate goal is to be an authentic and effective teacher, who creates a classroom atmosphere, where students feel safe in their learning environment and become self-confident individuals. Furthermore, teachers must possess both comprehensive pedagogical knowledge and an exceptional content knowledge in their chosen specialty field to create a positive, effective, and authentic learning environment. An effective learning environment, in accordance with The Australian Curriculum and Assessment Reporting Authority, provides learners with general capabilities, content and encourages confident, involved learners and effective communicators (2014). The Australian Professional Teaching Standards define the elements required to ensure high quality teaching explicitly across seven standards. However, it is worthy of note that all seven standards are interrelated and complementary in establishing an effective teaching and learning environment for all students. This particular performance assessment component is based on six year 10 Mathematics lessons, which were taught during my second teaching practicum at William Ross State High School. An extensive range of data was collected and used to facilitate the pedagogical approaches used in each of the six lessons. Data from Oneschool (see component 1), a selection of student’s prior assessment (see component 1) and summative assessment (see component 1) for the unit, allowed me to identify students’ academic
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