Effective Teaching And Learning Strategies Essay

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Marzano’s Effective Teaching and Learning Strategies Effective schools make a big difference in student achievement. Effective leadership makes a positive difference, too. Effective teachers, however, directly impact student learning and achievement. It’s been shown that teachers who have a large repertoire of effective instructional strategies teach differently (Tyson).They’re more intentional in their objectives, strategies, and intended outcomes. And, have better results. Robert Marzano, an educational leader, conducted a meta-analysis of instructional strategies to determine which were the most effective. While Marzano’s nine strategies provide useful suggestions for instruction, they are even more powerful when accompanied by other essential ingredients for student learning. Towards that end, all technology can be used to address Marzano’s work. Each strategy can be addressed using a “tech tool,” which can make a difference in the learning experience of students. Technology has so many uses, therefore, much of their usefulness overlaps in categories. Note taking, and the subsequent skill of summarizing, easily takes many forms in the classroom. There is the traditional paper-pencil format. However, this is easily transferred to various online formats that make distributing notes to all students as simple as the click of a button. What occurs if a student was absent? It is simply a matter of digitally uploading notes to a communal location for students to easily
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