Effective Teaching : Effective And Successful Teacher

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Effective teaching is when a teacher can successfully help students comprehend the information being taught to students, regardless of any learning barriers a student may have. For a teacher to be an effective and successful teacher, they have to put into consideration of how the teacher delivers the information would affect the student’s specific learning style needs. The teacher would also have to consider what obstacles are causing them to have a harder time understanding the lesson, whether it is a mental or physical condition. To help overcome these challenges, there are different types of instruction that could be implemented to help teach the material to the students. There are also four different type of instruction, which are Universal Design for Learning (UDL), Differentiated Instruction (DI), modifications, and accommodations. Universal Design for learning allows teachers a variety of ways for teachers to deliver their instructions that is based off of research, and it also allows students to show their knowledge in different ways as well. Differentiated Instruction is where the teacher adjusts their instruction and lesson plan magnify all of the students’ learning capabilities. A modification, when it comes to learning, changes the expectation and reduces what is needed of the task. Lastly, an accommodation is basically the opposite of modifications; when it comes to learning, the expectations does not change and the requirements are not reduced. Even though the
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