Effective Teaching Essay

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The educational world of today’s society demands accountability from its teachers, because, teachers have possibly the greatest opportunity to shape a students life, not just in terms of knowledge but how they view themselves and interact with the society around them. The increased accountability has lead to the necessity for being able to identify and quantitatively assess the characteristics of a quality teacher. In its most basic form a teacher's primary purpose is to provide direction, motivation and knowledge to students ( , ), however the effectiveness of a teacher should not be determined by their ability to impart knowledge alone, the scope in which they achieve this is also of immense importance ( , ). While the effect a teacher …show more content…
As mentioned earlier, teachers are in a prime position to influence students lives, and students are susceptible to absorbing and emulating their teachers, in particular their mannerisms and behaviours, for this reason effective teachers will, amongst other elements, display; punctuality; tidiness; polite, firm and fair interactions with students and confidence ( , ). Being professional alone will not achieve success, it requires a combination of many elements none more so than classroom management and all that it entails including proactive classroom management and promoting positive behaviour.
Developing a sound lesson plan is important to classroom management, however, effective classroom management centres around teachers being proactive the more that is known about a student the better prepared a teacher can be to cater to their needs, and thus yield the best results. By being aware of their students abilities, motivation, interests, learning style and behavioural issues effective teachers can avoid tasks or situations that may trigger negative or disruptive behaviours in their students. Effective teachers do not avoid, learning or behaviour problems in students ( , ), they treat them similarly in that they integrate social skills into their daily lessons as they would a mathematics concept. Instead of waiting for problems to emerge and reacting to them,
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