Effective Teaching Of The Social Studies

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What constitutes effective teaching of the social studies in the elementary school? As a pre-service teacher, I have learned that to become an effective teacher of the social sciences it is imperative that teaching professionals need to be familiar with the Minnesota K-12 academic standards in social studies, have knowledge about the subject matter being taught, utilize a variety of teaching strategies in the classroom, have theoretical knowledge about learning and human behaviors, foster learning in the classroom, and promote professionalism at all times. The first characteristic of an effective teaching social studies in the elementary setting is to have a clear understanding of the statewide expectations that the Minnesota K-12…show more content…
This is very important as these concepts/skills help students’ become responsible and active “global citizens” (Blankman, Schee, Volman, and Boogard, 2015, p. 85). As effective teachers’ it is also our responsibility to make sure that we teach our students’ the two goals in which are the “guiding light” for social studies. These two goals are social understanding and civic competence. Our students’ need to walk out of classroom having the “ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world” and have the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and values to be active, intelligent members of our democratic society (Parker & Beck, 2017, p. 3). We need to remember the more content knowledge we possess, the more our students’ will learn. We need to remember that without social studies pedagogical content knowledge, our students’ will have not have “historical understanding, there can be no wisdom, without geographical understanding, no cultural or environmental intelligence. Without economics understanding, there can be no sane use of resources and no rational approach to decision-making and, therefore, no future. And without civic understanding, there can be no democratic citizens, and, therefore no democracy” (Parker & Beck, 2017, p.2). In conclusion, subject knowledge constitutes effective teaching of social studies. The second characteristic of
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