Effective Teaching

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Professor Kerry Jones
EN 106
September 11, 2013
Effective Teaching
Education is something that constantly has to change with the changing world. Change is an evolutionary process. “We cannot continue to educate our children for factory work but educate for creativity.” (Hetland 66) With this change comes new forms of learning. Students today are technophiles. They love their video games and they can’t put down their smart phones, iPods, and social networks. The challenge for working in the electronic age is that we have so much access to information but we still have the same brain we always had. The problem is not access to information. It is integrating that information and making sense out of it. Students must learn to use
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To help students gain confidence in higher-order thinking with complex text, effective teachers gradually increase task complexity, moving from lower-level to higher-level task.
Many students believe that reading informational text is a waste of time because they can just search the web for what they need at that time. Effective teachers get their students to believe the text is important to get the students to read it. For teachers to increase the perceived value of reading is to help students understand how reading the text benefits them across a range of situations. Effective teachers give students opportunities to apply the informational text they read to concrete classroom task.
Effective teachers set up frequent opportunities for collaboration to support students’ social motivation for reading informational text. Social interaction around text has to be well managed to ensure that students listen to one another. The students get to use creativity making new things and makes old things new. Students build on one another’s thoughts to explain the major theme of the text by successively adding key elements as they take turns contributing to the synthesis. This helps students become more skillful in interpreting complex text.
Today all students need to feel in control of their world. Teachers who give students choices in their informational reading helps them develop an interest in reading. Making simple choices is a rewarding form of
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