Effective Teaching Strategies Essay

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Reflection Item Two:
‘Adapting the curriculum and effective teaching strategies’
Question: Discuss in detail ways that teachers can set up the learning environment in order to maximise teaching and learning, and the advantages and disadvantages that belong with such implementation.

In our teaching careers, the biggest achievement we can make; is to succeed in creating a supportive environment which nurtures the emotional, physical, social and intellectual developmental needs of each and every one of our students.
Belonging to an inclusive educational setting as a supportive teacher, means we can encourage our students to flourish and grow into successful and achieving individuals. In an article by Ashman & Elkins, (2008) discussing
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Teachers share many characteristics in common with parents, teachers also aiming to support and develop student’s motional, social, physical, financial and psychological needs by developing learning opportunies which foster this growth. Recognising that parents and teachers both play similar and equally as important roles in a child’s development is the fist step to fostering a collaborative relationship between both parties. Finders and Lewis (1994) further discuss this issue of parental involvement in schooling by discussing Delgado- Gaitan’s (1991) work, which states “The difference between parents who participate (in schooling) and those who do not is that, those who do have recognised that they are a critical part in their children’s education”. If parents can be made aware that their contributions towards the educational environment are both valued and appreciated, then teachers will gain access to a wealth of knowledge in which they would have otherwise been denied. This extrinsic knowledge will help teachers to understand each student learning styles, interests, strengths and weaknesses and motivators.

Collaboration is not only imperative to establish within a Parent/Guardian – Teacher relationship, but it is also important to develop professionally with other colleagues. Working with other professional allows teachers to learn a multitude of different teaching and learning tools they can use in their classroom to further support
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