Effective Team Management and Leadership Skills

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Introduction Effective team management and leadership covers quite a lot of people relation skills and the ability to engage people in all the major decision or strategic measures that one may take as a manager or as a team leader. It is true that team management and leadership are basically concerned with effective implementation of the collective skills, collective performance and knowledge and collective decision- making of all members of an organization. The difficulties in this agenda will not be with current staff, it will be with the current management. This is specifically significant in a school setting where there is interaction with peers, and students from varying backgrounds and of different age groups. There are various times when the impediment to making such collective efforts comes from the administration itself and not from the general members of the staff or the students. It is therefore significant to know the benefits of the above collective values to the organization that is often ignored. Collective performance Within the school, there is need to understand the team dynamics in order to have a team performance or collective performance. The teachers and the students within the institution need to work in a collective manner lest the institution risks being torn apart. The commonly known dynamics that are found in teams and should be understood by both the teachers and the administration for collective performance are the developments,
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