Effective Teamwork And Healthcare Organizations Can Have A Positive Effect On Patient Safety

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The benefit of teamwork is to work together effectively, which means team members need to have professional skills, knowledge, attitudes which allow them to monitor each other 's performance and, responsibilities toward working in a team (Buchbinder & Shanks 292-294). Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers organize their activities to offer safe and efficient healthcare. Teamwork results in less mistakes than an individual, especially when each members of the team knows her, or his, responsibilities as well as those of other team members. Teamwork relies on each team member and they are able to lead the needs of others and have a shared understanding of how a procedure should occur. According to IOM, "effective teamwork in healthcare organizations can have a positive effect on patient safety" (Baker, Day & Salas 2 ). Effective teamwork brings benefits for patients and medical staff. When a patient 's situation gets worse, the team looks to the leader and they will know that each person on the team can accomplish his or her duties and work with others to improve the healthcare quality. Teamwork can develop trust among other members and prevent them from making mistakes (Buchbinder & Shanks 293).Also, patients are more satisfied with their care when healthcare providers cooperate and reduce anxiety among patients (Buchbinder & Shanks 300). In spite of all the benefits of teamwork that already noted there are some challenges which affect the teamwork,
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