Effective Time Management : Managing Your Time

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Effective Time Management
Effectively managing your time will enable you to work more efficiently and do more to further the bottom-line objectives of your company. As a manager, the use of your time is critical in order to carry out your many duties and responsibilities. This Origami Warrior Life Lessons - Basic Management Skill article on Time Management will enable you to become a more effective manager for yourself, and for your organization. You will learn how to better manage your time, which will help you achieve your overall goals.
What Should You Expect We will not be able to explore every facet and component of time management. Rather, we will focus on the major principles of effective time management including planning and
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Although not a difficult task, it takes time to reflect upon your duties and responsibilities. Make time for this. It will save you time in the long run. Begin all new projects, responsibilities, or tasks with a planning session. Ask yourself: o What tasks need to be done. o When should they be completed. o Besides myself, who else will need to be involved, can this be delegated, if so to whom, etc. o How much time will each project require. o What part of my duties and responsibilities are fixed and routine. o What intermediate steps need to be completed.
Not only should new work begin with a planning session, but all on-going work needs to be reviewed, evaluated, and re-planned. Schedule planning time every day. Plan your day the first thing in the morning, as soon as you arrive at work or the previous day the last thing you do at work before leaving for home. When defining your work load, be aware of four points:
First, is the task really your responsibility? Don 't fall into the trap of taking on others responsibilities. You may be able to route the task or project to those who are more responsible for it in the first place, thereby freeing up time for those tasks and projects you are definitely held responsible for. At the very least, you may be able to share the project with others, thereby splitting the work load in half. Channel projects to others who have responsibility for
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