Effective Time Management Procedures : Clear Communication Processes And Procedures

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• Effective time management procedures. • Clear communication processes and procedures. • Appropriate project/task tracking procedure. • Assessment and acknowledgment of team performance. Personal management As well as being organised, it is critical for the team’s success to follow set processes as outlined in company process’s manual Security Internet security Protecting information from accidental or intentional interference. Software Unreliable, untried software may be full of “bugs”, which can cause system failure. Recommendations Software It is recommended that software developed by 5 Point Ag called Teamspace be used, this perfect web-based package of collaborative communication tools uses a professional…show more content…
• Chat: all members can chat in their own team chatroom to discuss ideas, themes, and other work related topics, and automatically lets you know when other members have entered the room. Chat can also be automatically documented. • Discussion forum: a powerful tool for solving problems and supports time-delayed exchange between team members. This is especially suitable for structured topics and over a longer time amongst bigger groups. • Brainstorming and idea evaluation: Notice board and Bulletin Teamspace uses the latest Secure Socker Layer (SSL) technology to protect information, however due to the large size of the organisation, and the sensitive nature of most documents and other material of Pharmaceuticals firm, it is highly recommended that an Enterprise Server License be purchased, this allows installation of Teamspace on our own servers affording the same security, backup and responsibility of this data as with existing company information. Pharmaceuticals firms will also benefit from the Enterprise Server License with a customised login page, which can be incorporated into the firms existing website. 5 Point Ag released Teamspace software in 2001; reputable companies like BMW, BBC, Phillips and BP already use Teamspace. The environment can be personalised to team and/or individual requirements and has built in activities list making it a perfect tool for the team leader to stay updated on how the
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