Effective Total Rewards Program for Motivation

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Salespeople and Compensation Motivation through Total Rewards In each of the following six paragraphs there is a description of one of six features of an effective total rewards program that will motivate a sales force to produce the highest number of clients. The first feature is money, because that is something the majority of salespeople want and need. They generally would not be working if there was no financial incentive for them to do so, although some people do work even if they are wealthy or retired simply because they want something to fill their days (Schein, 1985). Few people in the workforce today are there simply because they want to be and not because they have to be, so a company's first line of compensation should always be a fair wage. Whether that is salary, commission, or a combination of both, the idea that a person can make a living wage at his or her job is of utmost importance. The second feature is retirement funding. Especially for younger salespeople, this can be a way to help them save for retirement without raising their salary, and can convince them to work harder in order to receive matching contributions (Backer, 1973). It can be difficult to save for retirement, and any company that will match contributions up to a certain percentage is usually a good choice, all other things being equal. The third feature is good health insurance. There are many uninsured people (Tonnessen, 2000). If they were able to see the doctor more regularly
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