Effective Training

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Case Analysis on effective Training What else should Fred have done before choosing a training package? I believe that Fred should focus on the two things – first he should conduct a Training need analysis (TNA) procedure before choosing a training package. It is not only important but also necessary. The TNA process includes the series of the steps which help in determining the actual problems or issues at the workplace. It helps in multiple ways. It identifies that whether the training is the only solution of the problem or the employees are lacking the important knowledge, skills and attitude which are very necessary for performing the certain tasks of the job. A pre training research is very important in this case which will help…show more content…
It is well aware that all the 55 employees are the non-management employees and they have to compete in the market with Home Depot like big competitors. So it is important for them to develop the different management skills, including how to improve customer relations. So I divide the two groups of the employee as per their need and prepared and conduct the training program on the basis of the different work simulation. I would prefer to improve their communication skills and presentation skills. Beside it, I will use assessment center, role playing and in-basket management exercise for improving their overall personality. It will help them in facing any kind of the situation with excellency and smartness. These kind of work simulations will help the company in achieving the hundred percent satisfaction. How successful do you think this training will be? Why? What factors or information from the case analysis influenced your position? I believe that training would be definitely successful in the present scenario. Actually, the company has employed the non management employees. So it is not only important but also necessary for the company to train them in the different areas. So they can take the right decision at the right time without any hesitation. Training helps in increasing the knowledge and skills of doing a particular job. So if Fred’s company wants to compete with bigger competitors in the market, it is very
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