Effective Training: a Case Study from the Oil & Gas Industry

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Improving Performance in the Workplace Effective Training: A Case Study from the Oil & Gas Industry 1. Provide a summary of the who, what, and why of the case. This is a case study of the Oil & Gas Industry (O&G) and the safety measures and evaluations they employ. Throughout this case study, it was determined that the main focus was the safety of the inexperienced workers (roughnecks and worms) and drivers of the rigs. Although everyone in the industry may require some sort of safety training, it seems plausible that those with less experience need more training as they begin a new “high-risk” job. O&G was not sufficiently annotating past injury cases to show the lack of safety within their organization. This required outside…show more content…
Why? How could this be done? As mentioned earlier, any program should be evaluated for relevance. In other words, the organization needs to assess the output from the program that was implemented. In order to ensure the effectiveness of any program, it is just as important to evaluate the program’s worthiness as well as the desire to collect the data and make a more conducive working environment. If all the organization is doing is collecting data to implement a program, but never actually put a program in place, there will never be an increase in safety for the organization. After collecting data by the field workers, developing the video, and pushing out the training information, the organization must implement an evaluation, or analysis, of the program’s success. This may be accomplished in the same fashion as the “full-scope evaluation pre-planning inventory. Send out short surveys to the workers to collect data on whether their newly implemented program is providing the necessary improvements within the organization. O&G Industries also needs to initiate a program that collects safety incidents after the implementation of the new program to identify decreases in safety hazards in the workplace. After collecting all the data from the workers, putting it into a video that all workers will take interest in, and disseminate it throughout the workforce, evaluate the results of the program, O&G Industries will be able to ensure their work place
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