Effective Treatment Intervention For Elementary Aged Children With Disruptive Behaviors

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Play therapy is a developmentally appropriate intervention for children between the ages of 3 and 10 years because it utilizes the child’s natural mode of communication because children have a limited ability to verbally express their emotional needs. Therefore, play therapists use toys and play materials to help children communicate their needs in a developmentally sensitive and concrete manner.
The aim of this study is to establish an effective treatment Intervention for elementary aged children with disruptive behaviors. The purpose statement of the study identifies the intent of the study. The purpose statement is based on the argument developed in the literature and is a declarative statement with questions that catches the reader’s
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The statement of the problem is that the Government has reported and has brought to the nation’s attention that there is an urgent need to identify an effective intervention for children who suffer from emotional and behavioral disorders. This problem that is stated is researchable. It can be investigated through the collection and analysis of data. The research and evidence is stated in the introduction section of the article. “Estimates indicated that one out of five children experiences distressing emotional problems and less than one third of these children receive the help they need.(Mental Health America, 2009.)” Background information is presented on this issue. The lack of counseling interventions they are helpful to the mental health needs of children and the fact that this is inaccessible makes this problem worse. The common reason a student is referred for counseling is due to disruptive behaviors in the classroom. Educational significance of the problem is that without the intervention to disruptive behaviors in the classroom/ early childhood show a high degree of stability over a period of time, and this can often lead to the development of serious problems across the span of a person’s life. These problems include but not limited to anti-social behavior, violence and substance abuse.
The review of related literature is comprehensive; complete and includes all or nearly all elements or aspects of the topic.
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