Effective Treatments Of Bipolar Disorder

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Effective Treatments of Bipolar Disorder in Adults Manic-depressive is an illness in the brain that causes an unusual shift in moods. It may drastically hinder the ability to complete day-to-day tasks. Bipolar disorder often has its first episode in late childhood or adolescence (Miklowitz). It may be hard to recognize the difference of manic-depressive episodes and normal ups and downs in children or teens, but certain distinct major depressive or manic episodes should be recognizable as they are repeated. Approximately 50%–67% of adults with Bipolar Disorder report onset of their first episode before the age of 18 years and between 15% and 28% before the age of 13 years (Miklowitz). But, it has been proven that 10% of all patients with Bipolar Disorder develop their illness after the age of 50 (Sajatovic). Effective treatments of Bipolar Disorder in adults have been researched and discovered as recent as in the past century. With this disorder dating back to the Greeks and the Romans, the concept of treating Bipolar Disorder is fairly new but has been taken to different levels in society. There are many different types if treatments that have been proven to reduce the amount or how extreme episodes may be. There are different types of medication such as Lithium, a variety of anticonvulsants, antidepressants, and antipsychotics. There are human related treatments as well, such as family focused treatment, psychotherapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (Zaretsky). It is
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