Effective Use Of Employee Voice And An Increase Of Productivity And Well Being And Productivity

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EFFECTIVE USE OF MANAGERS’ ENCOURAGEMET OF EMPLOYEE VOICE CAN LEAD TO A LIFT IN WELL-BEING AND PRODUCTIVITY. Managers’ encouragement of employee voice can result in an overall increase of productivity and well-being. First of all, a fundamental term which must be understood is the definition of ‘Employee voice (EV)’. Wilkinson and Fay (2011) summarise ‘voice’ as how much say an employee has in regard to decision making in the workplace. Furthermore, in this essay a range of arguments will be developed in order to determine whether or not managers’ encouragement of EV can lead to an increase of productivity and well-being. In particular, this essay will focus mostly on how managers utilise EV and how it contributes to overall well-being…show more content…
In circumstances where employees’ feel as if they cannot express opinions, criticism and suggestions, it is commonly due to the expected outcome with the manager (Detert & Burris, 2007). Furthermore, if there were to be an issue within the organisation which effected the employee, the employee has one of two options; leave the workplace or express their opinions (Detert & Burris, 2007, p.872). As a result, if EV is not encouraged by a manager it can lead to employees’ feeling discouraged to express their opinions, overall reducing wellbeing and psychological security within that organisation (Detert & Burris, 2007). Detert and Burris (2007) suggests that employees, “lack the courage to… challenge mangers who have signalled unwillingness to accept input” (Detert & Burris, 2007, p.872). Furthermore, it can be concluded that due to unwelcoming use of EV, employee’s well-being (confidence within the workplace) is drastically reduced. Walumbwa and Schaubroeck (2009) explains that when mangers’ openly accept and encourage employees to speak their mind, psychological safety and wellbeing increase, allowing employees to express their ideas, concerns and conflicts. More so, while the
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