Effective Use Of Stress In Margaret Atwood's The Secret

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She stands at the edge of the mountain, bent over with her hands on her knees breathing hard. Her heart drumming against her chest after her two and a half mile hike. Sweat glistens off her body parts not covered by her black yoga pants and her sky blue tank top. She stands over the edge admiring the view, feeling the breeze against her skin, taking in her surroundings. The birds flying over her, the trees swaying side to side, watching the sun rise. This is why she sets millions of alarms to wake up at dawn, this is the best part of her day, the reason why she always look forwards to her morning runs. Taking one last look at the astonishing view she starts to make her way down the mountain, heading back home to get ready for the rest of the day. As she descends down the mountain she takes a quick whiff of her underarms preparing herself for the smell of sweat instead her nostrils are hit with a lavender scent. Secret deodorant there for you for your excessive sweating moments. The Secret ad has a phrase…show more content…
It is bold and captures the readers attention. The white font on the blue background causes it to pop off the page. Reading the phrase in the middle of the ad Secret wants the reader to know that women work harder then men and that they are under a lot of stress which is why they need a deodorant that will last for a long time. They use a young woman because that is who they are trying too attract to buy there product. The woman has a young, fun and hip style compared to the men who have a bland style. It is almost as if the men need her to change things up and add color to there group. The Secret deodorants blending into the sky represents a sense freedom and freshness. The woman pushing on the cement slab to the top represents how expectations are high for women, and things are made harder and impossible for women. They have to go above and beyond than men have to. The ad shows how things do not come easy for
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