Effective Waste Management

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Waste has been around for thousands of years, yet it still remains an issue today for countries to collect and dispose of waste effectively (Samah 1810). Managing waste has become a larger issue recently than it was in years past due to an increase of the world population. As a result of poor waste management, several issues have risen. Current methods of waste disposal, such as incinerators and landfills, have several downfalls associated with them due to the pollution these methods of disposal can cause. Another issue that is the result of poor waste management is electronic waste, which can leak toxic chemicals if not disposed of correctly. A third issue that is also associated with poor waste management is the Pacific garbage patch, a large collection of small plastic bits floating at various depths in the Pacific Ocean. One example of effective waste management is curbside recycling, which reuses unwanted materials and transforms the materials into new products. Incineration of waste is just one way of finally disposing waste. Trash is usually collected and or dropped off at an incinerator facility. It is at such facilities that the waste is then burned. However, burning waste releases “gaseous emissions” that can have a detrimental effect on the environment and those around the facility (Ghiban 75). Landfills are another way of disposing waste. With landfill disposal, the waste is simply compacted and buried in the ground. Many landfills have a clay and or plastic
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