Effective Ways Of Managing A Remote Team

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Effective Ways of Managing A Remote Team Are you currently working with a virtual team whose members are located in more than ten countries across the world? If yes, then you know how challenging it can be to manage the team. Sometimes it is impossible for you to understand what the employees are doing and that can cause anxiety and discomfort to any small business owner. You might have also noticed that remote employees have fluctuating work efficacy. They perform excellently during particular periods and at other times deliver low quality work. What's more, virtual employees can quit their job suddenly leaving you frustrated for not being able to properly engage them on why they are leaving especially if the quitting team is the most…show more content…
Communicate Regularly The communication tools discussed above are not only meant to pass on work-related messages, but you can also use the same tools just to find out how an employee is doing. It is the same as passing by the desk of your in-house employee in a co-working space and saying "Hi" or having a chat about football. Such discussions break away the work tensions and make the workers feel that they belong to the organization. It can even be more worthwhile to build a personal relationship with each employee, know something about them that you can often bring up during the light discussion moments. Remote employees may dread receiving your messages or calls if all you do is ask work-related questions, give assignments, complain of poor quality work or even threaten to punish them for going against work standards. Remote workers are humans too, and they need to connect with others and with you, therefore, foster that virtual friendship. Include fun in the communication to keep the remote workers feeling like they belong to the company. For example, you can include brain teasers for everyone and use that to enhance connections and build work relationships. Manage the Flexibility of Working Hours Giving employees the freedom to choose when and where they work is one way of inspiring productivity and retaining
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