Effective and Efficient Ways on How to Pass the Cpa Board Exam

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Adamson University San Marcelino Street, Ermita, Manila Efficient and Effective Ways on How to Pass the CPA Licensure Examination In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in English Communication 2 Presented by: Dela Cruz, Mark Kelvin M. Sumbo, Sherelyn T. Presented to: Prof. Mariedith B. Garcia March 17, 2014 Chapter 1 Introduction CPA board exam is an examination administered to graduates of Accountancy course who wish to become a Certified Public Accountant. Certified Public Accountant is a statutory title given to the qualified accountants and those who have met additional education and experience requirements for certification as CPA. They are also the one who has an adept knowledge in providing public attestation and…show more content…
It has major importance and purposes to the examinees, community and to the nation. The major purpose of this CPA examination to its examinees is that it gives them the opportunity to test, to examine and to try their capacity of being a certified public accountant. They take up this board exam because they wanted to take their knowledge and skills about public accounting to another level. This is also needed to ensure that you are capable enough and has adept knowledge in this title. For our community, the board exam is very important in terms that it is helping them to find, look for, and examine who really are the knowledgeable and the right one who is capable of serving them as their certified public accountant. CPA’s in every community is important to ensure in every business its financial capabilities and needs. It is also need to determine whether the business achieved its goal – to maximize profit or not. They are not also engage to become an accountant in a business but also in other career opportunities related to it. And lastly, for our nation, just like for our community, having this uniform CPA board exam for the budding accountants is important for them to know who really are the trustworthy one where they can entrust their

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