Effectiveness And Use Of School Uniforms

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The Effectiveness And Use of Uniform in Schools Nyi Nyi A. Myin Wingate University The Effectiveness And Use of Uniform in Schools The discussion regarding the purpose of schools uniforms among parents and school administrators have increased in the last few years. The debate on whether school uniforms affect students’ performance have challenged also. School uniforms are often seen as unstylish and unattractive due to lack of design and color scheme. The use of school uniforms are used to aid students’ behavior, performance, and attendance. It provides an opportunity of growth in a student’s physical, social, and moral development. In addition, the long term effects have a profound influence on their actions, emotions, and well…show more content…
In addition to self-expression, the creativity and development in confidence and independence is delayed as a result of wearing uniforms in school. However, the purpose of the school uniform is not to limit student’s creativity, but to embrace unity as whole and to “eliminate wardrobe as a source of competition among students” (Wilson, McMahon , 2015). In the United Kingdom, all schools require students to wear uniforms every day. The uniform system in the United Kingdom works well due to a unified dress code across the nation. Each school 's grade levels are separated by color codes and outfits such as pants, skirts with polos, and cardigans. As the years pass, more formal uniforms are required. The result of having a unified uniform rule allows “more items available at lower cost”(Walmsley, 2011, 64) and “there are no battles in the morning about what to wear to school — the choice is simple” (Walmsley, 2011, 64). Uniform requires little to no task to keep up with maintenance and relieve the burden on parents to keep up with the latest styles. The use of uniforms in the United Kingdom’s schools are an embedded part of their culture and lifestyle. The simplicity in the use of uniforms are seen as a way for students to dress professionally in schools, as adults are required to dress professionally in job settings. It is believed to “create a culture where students generally are proud of their school and more respectful to teachers and administrators”(Walmsley, 2011,
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