Effectiveness Of A Competitive Market Environment

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1. Introduction From the past until present, in order to achieve competitive advantage to compete in turbulence and highly competitive market environment, the one who take control over the organisation should design powerful strategies. To create that strategies, managers need both good understanding in internal and external environment, and effective managerial skill to organise sophisticate works arising in organisational routine systematically. The one who assigned as manager has power to control over company resources which included human being. Human can be considered as one of the most valuable resources in the company because value can be added to them through education and experience. However, human could be considered as the most complicate resource. This is because they have personal needs, ambition, and feeling which are different between one to others. Unlike machines or other type of assets that similarly designed to do specific jobs, stereotype should not be applied to workers and there is no one best way to manage or to control them. In particular, it can be said that one size does not fit all. As the result, this issue could be considered as one of the most wildly discussed topics among managerial scholars. The idea of how to manage and control over human being in the work place start in the period of industrial revolution where the factory trying to maximise their profits through the concept of economy of scale. Human as the resources to produce things has

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