Effectiveness Of A Health Nursing Patient Care

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The ability of a health professional to provide excellent and safe nursing care is dependent on the staff to patient ratio. There is a strong relationship between the two and fixed ratios are the answers to the nursing patient care crisis. Hospitals are filled with seriously ill patients and by mandating nurse to patient staffing ratios, stress is reduced and quality of care is enhanced. Mandating ratios is a way to apply professional control over workloads that can otherwise impede the health and recovery of patients. Ratios also help to reduce the effect increased work load has on the health of nurses. Under staffing causes health complications, sometimes leading to patient’s deaths (Aiken, 2002), therefore more nurses are needed to meet increase demands. It is difficult for the health professional to provide good quality of patient care when the work load that is presented to them is stressful and difficult to accomplish. Mandated ratios are an essential step in an effort to deal with those challenges. Greater hours spent on direct patient care is associated with good quality of patient care outcomes and an increased rates of shorter length of stays in the hospital (Spats, 2013) . Hospitals with low nursing staff levels tend to have higher rates of poor patient outcomes, many of whom develop pneumonia, experience longer length of stays and increase rates of nosocomial infections or drug resistant bacterias. Nursing staff levels affects patient’s quality of care,
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