Effectiveness Of A Nurse Patient Ratios

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Nurse-to-patient ratios is not a new topic of debate for all of us who deliver care to patients every day. Only lately it has been a big issue that have caught the attention of many. Demands by the medical community for changes concerning staffing, asking for the government interventions in minimum staffing laws. Registered nurses have long acknowledged and continue to emphasize that staffing issues are an ongoing concern, one that influences the safety of both the patient and the nurse. (ANA, 2015) .nowadays hospitals are running for profit and the emphasis is not put on job burnout, stress, and endangerment of patients. Nursing shortages is a very pertinent problem, it will be optimum to have laws in place to help with the issue, however meanwhile leadership and management methods to the matter can help to mend the nursing situation and avoid many of the damaging effects of unfitting nurse-to-patient ratios.

Comparison of Leadership and Manager Approach to the Issue everyone has different style when it comes to management. Because it is not an easy task it may be very demanding on anyone having to fulfill his responsibilities correctly. Considering that the manager doesn’t only have to make sure policies are followed correctly but also ensuring that the staff does the job correctly. Because nursing staff ratios can have an influence on managers as nursing lacks can intensify the chance of error. As a result Patients care may suffer and that can cause nurses to get…

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