Effectiveness Of A Patient Care

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Patient care is considered to be one of the most important factors in the medical field. When proper patient care is demonstrated, the patient feels valued, respected and safe, resulting in a positive patient- physician relationship. As a result of providing patient care, the patient will be more inclined to cooperate and will be forthcoming with medical information and history. Displaying proper patient care skills is not limited to just physicians. Health care workers in all departments can and should practice proper patient care. The cooperation of a patient makes a health care worker’s job easier as well as enjoyable, especially in the radiology department. A technologist focusing on quality patient care will result in better image production. Professionalism can have an effect on patient care. Professionalism can be defined as “the conduct, aim or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or professional person”(Dictionary.com). Every working environment should provide examples of professionalism on a daily bases. Professionalism, or lack thereof, will have an effect on the reputation of a professional. In the health care field that can be rewarding or detrimental to the physician and the entire department. How one conducts one’s self is not only a reflection of themselves but also of their employers. This includes how the employee dresses. It may seem trivial, but in actuality, how a person dresses says a lot about them as an individual. How a
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