Effectiveness Of A Patient With Alzheimer

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Despite the fact that healthcare facilities are continuing to grow larger and deliver around-the-clock care, they gradually become at risk of a broad range of security threats. The patient that has difficulties with their memory and can move on foot is vulnerable to wandering (Alzheimer Association, 2016). When an individual has dementia and wanders, it becomes an unsafe and challenging event encountering caregivers and healthcare facility leadership. In this presentation, an organization deals with the dilemma when a patient with Alzheimer leaves the facility without their knowledge. As stakeholders play a role in this case study, there are strategies and services to help prevent and address these incidents. In addition to the role…show more content…
However, to provide excellent care the staff has to be competent and knowledgeable of how to care for patients. Identifying and controlling wandering triggers can prepare for future attempts, which will allow the staff to observe patterns of individuals carefully. Recognizing particular patterns can quickly alert the staff in taking the appropriate steps to avoid these incidences from transpiring. However, a person that becomes missing in a healthcare facility has a legal obligation if the individual is unaware of these behaviors. In this case study, Flo is clearly a patient that has a deterioration in thinking and has no control of how to behave making this facility entirely responsible if Flo becomes injured or if death occurs. When analyzing the roles that stakeholders will play in decision-making, these stakeholders should be identified. When looking at the case study, the patient name, family members, staff, and emergency response personnel are recognized as the stakeholders. These stakeholders are the ones that have handled and experienced these situations and know what has worked and what has apparently not functioned when the patient becomes missing. Also, it is important that each person has an involvement in the planning for the future considering their knowledge of the patient and the facility, which they can individually provide a different insight of changes to occur. “Stakeholders shape projects in the early stages, ensuring resources are
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