Effectiveness Of Academic Writing On Research Writing

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Credibility in Research Writing Introduction There are different styles of scholarly writing and each of the writing has certain format that students will have to follow for their field of study. Research paper is one of the writing that students will encounter in their major classes. In my past Child Development class, especially CHDV 123 writing research paper was required in the class. After writing the literature review about observation and how the observer have to be sure that the information he or she present have to be valid, it made me think about credibility in research writing which help me develop my research question. Furthermore, with the research paper, we as students have to make sure that our research has credibility or the research is not valid. Therefore, credibility is crucial in this field. However, as a student who major in Child Development, we focus more on qualitative research which requires us to make sure that there is credibility in our paper. By having credibility in our paper, it allows us to build trustworthiness in our research and eliminating the bias in our research. According to Kopala, she states that, “Trustworthiness also encompasses efforts to reduce or at the very least to make explicit sources of bias by the researcher.” (30) In this research report, my research question was wondering the importance of having credibility in research writing for Child Development major?” In this research, I will be using two different methods to
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