Effectiveness Of American Apparel As An Organization

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Introduction The purpose of this report is to assess the effectiveness of American Apparel as an organization. Organizational effectiveness is important as it asses how effective an organization is achieving its outcomes as well as capturing the organizational performance (Richard et al, 2009).The report will be based on personal observations, surveys, internet research, interviews undertook by employees and company materials. In this report, I will be giving a brief summary about the company, its structure, mission and company culture. I will then proceed to investigate, assess and analyze an ethical issue within American Apparel which affects the following:- - Organizational behavior and management - Individuals in the organization -…show more content…
An added bonus - this business model is inherently sustainable. This type of structure needs a powerful leader whom the staff look up to as power is centralized and he gets to be more involved with the running of the company. Vision and Mission The official mission statement of American Apparel is as follows; “American Apparel is the most passionate and innovative wholesale blank T-shirt manufacturer and distributor in the world. We are committed to leveraging art, design, and technology to produce garments of the highest quality, while pioneering industry standards of social responsibility in the workplace.” (вторник , 2012). This same author went further stating CEO Dave Charney’s core belief for his company as ““Our goal is to seek profits through innovation not exploitation. We are advancing a hyper capitalist-socialist business fusion. By relentlessly pursuing efficiencies in management and production, we aim to demonstrate that the use of exploitative labor tactics is not only unnecessary but actually counterproductive. We recognize that over-reliance on low-wage and ill-treated labor… continues to cripple third-world countries and consumer values.” Since the beginning according to American Apparel.com, Dave Charney’s vision was to create a “Vertically integrated, sweatshop – free company” as such made sure all its clothing was
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