Effectiveness Of Cognitive Bibliotherapy On Adolescents With Mild And Moderate Depression

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Introduction Analysis:
The study is trying to figure out the effectiveness of cognitive bibliotherapy on adolescents with mild and moderate depression. The article stated that the objective of the study was to explore the benefits of an already supported treatment approach cognitive therapy but with adolescents with depression. The study had three goals; one, to investigate the efficacy of cognitive bibliotherapy with adolescents whom have mild-moderate depression. The second was to explore the relation of 3 variables; compliance, participation, and comprehension to the outcomes. The third goal was to test cognitive theory of depression. The research question is relevant to social work but the article does not directly state the
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The criteria that participants had to meet were described as “a score 10 or higher on the Child Depression Inventory” as well as “a score 10 or higher on the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression”. The sample participants also had to have a guardian at home who was willing to participate in the assessment phases of the study. Exclusionary criteria for the study included reading level below 6th grade equivalence, psychotic or suicidal symptoms or participation in psychotherapy. None of the participants were receiving antidepressants. The article stated that only 22 participants completed the study. 3 participants discontinued during active treatment and 5 participants dropped out before commencing treatment. Further explanation of the reasoning behind the participants dropping out would be helpful to the article. The mean age of participants was 15 years and 11 months. The articles sample consisted of 8 boys and 14 girls. The article did not state weather participants identified with these genders. 15 of the participants were Caucasian, 6 were African American, and 2 were mixed raced. The article’s purpose was not to look at gender or ethnic differences, but to explore effects of cognitive biblotherapy on adolescents with mild-moderate depression. But it is important to be aware of these variables
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