Effectiveness Of Current Behavior System

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Effectiveness of Current Behavior System One of the greatest strengths of this classroom, as indicated by the self-assessment, is the clear and consistent routines. This category received an overall average rating of 85%, with no single criteria falling under an 80% rating. Consistent routines can help prevent management problems because the activities run smoothly and efficiently and students are familiar with the expectations associated with each routine activity (Scheuermann & Hall, 2016). This is apparent in this classroom as most students are on task and exhibit positive behaviors during the scheduled routine activities. Even the signal for attention has been built into the routine to transition from the warm-up activity to the…show more content…
The teacher always had all materials ready for each class and ensured that all small group and independent work corresponded with the main instruction. The big group, small group, and skill station activities are planned to maximize the students’ opportunities to respond and work with the new material in a variety of ways. Scheuermann and Hall (2016) highlight the ability of these opportunities to respond to promote active engagement with the content helping thwart inappropriate conduct and encourage on-task behavior. This correlation was evident in this classroom as the majority of students were consistently on task during the main lesson and station work. While the routines and high-quality instruction work well in promoting positive and on-task behavior, there are still areas of this classroom’s behavior system that could be improved. In the event that a student does display inappropriate or unwanted behaviors, this classroom lacks the resources to make corrections in an informative way. While the classroom rules are posted in view of all students, they are not operationalized to tell a student the expected and appropriate behaviors. Currently, when a student engages in undesirable behavior their name is simply called out in front of
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